About us

Starting in the year 2021

Blue Sky Fashion Limited has been established itself as one of the Garments Manufacturing organizations in the country.

Blue Sky Fashion Limited is a 100% export Manufacturer of Ready-made Garments & other Textile products based in Bangladesh.  

We are delivering the best products for our clients with outstanding customer service. Our outstanding services offer excellent quality control, flexible manufacturing and production options, and fast and reliable delivery. We, Blue Sky Fashion Limited have the capability of providing a bridge between overseas customers/buyers and local manufacturers in Bangladesh to ensure quality services, timely deliveries, and adherence to buyers’ quality standards. Our company maintains a constantly high standard of business conduct, ethics, and social responsibility.

We take pride in the efficiency of what we do and always employ the most effective and latest technology available. We are committed to the growth and improvements of all aspects of our operation and will continue to be the leader in our industry.

Board Of Director


Al Sadat Dubash

Managing Director

Mohammed Aslam

Director & CEO

Forhad Siddiqui


Rajashree Acharjee